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There are so many ways an excavator can help you accomplish the job you want. Excavators are generally used to lift heavy objects such as rocks, sand or soil, in demolition and construction work, digging, and landscape among others. However, as excavators are normally huge and pretty expensive stuff, it is normally best to go for an excavator hire service.

As you might be aware of, excavators come in various kinds, of different shapes and sizes and the purpose by which they were built for. That is why it is important to keep in mind the type and amount of work you require before jumping onto hiring an excavator.

Of course who would want any unnecessary mishaps occurring while your work is on going, therefore it is very important you get the right choice for an excavator rental service.

Man sustains fatal injuries after excavator he was driving overturned and crushed him

NQ Excavator Hire Could Be Just Your Right Choice

At the top of our service is Safety, Efficiency and Reliability for both our workers and machinery. We employ experienced final trim operators with extensive skills and training on excavation work to ensure you get the most of your investment.

Our mine compliant machinery including 4 to 45 tonne attachment rockbreakers, vibrating rippers, drum cutters, rock grabs, GPS, augers all sizes, tilting quick hitchs and various GP buckets, graders GPS/UTS, rollers/compactors, dozers with GPS along with extensive experience in mining infrastructure works from dragline walks, dams, MIA constructions, spillways, rock protection, concreting, plumbing & drainage, sand filter installations among others make a huge difference giving you extra room to decide no matter how big or small your project is.

We offer our services to the following areas:

  • Roma, Qld. 4455                Dysart, Qld 4745             Mt Isa, Qld, 4825
  • Emerald, Qld, 4720           Bundaberg, Qld, 4670    Moranbah, Qld 4744
  • Townsville, Qld 4810        Mackay, Qld 4740           Cloncurry, Qld 4824 

Safety Record:

Your safety is paramount to us. We are Quality assured ISO 9001:2008 compliant and have a Work Health & Safety Management system, including an environmental management system. Since our company started, we had the opportunity to work on various projects big and small and have enjoyed the privilege of having a very impressive zero loss time safety record and incident free.

Client Testimonial:

“Please pass on my thanks to the crew as the pride they must take in their work was clearly evident by the quality of all remedial civil works, some of the best I have seen in my few years across Saraji, Gregory Crinum and [be-grudgingly] Norwich.” – Jacob Chandler/BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Saraji Mine, Dysart, Qld.

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