Construction Work

Safe, Efficient and Reliable operators and machinery for civil and mining earthworks. As well as hiring labour, Trainer Assessors, concreters, plumbers, carpenters, dogman, supervisors and operators. Doing all forms of civil infrastructure work in the mining and civil work.

With duel grade lasers and magnet laser receivers for excavators and graders we can trench and grade unassisted to minimise costs and maximise safety of labour working near heavy machinery, as well as UTS/GPS guidance systems for our graders. We specialise in remote location work.

We’re passionate about mining, construction and civil works and are compliant with the current Australian standards and practices. Our company prides with itself with a very impressive safety record of zero LTI’s, with an accredited company policy system and work health and safety management procedure.

Flexible Rental Periods – We offer anywhere from 1 day to long term rental periods including on-site servicing and maintenance available 7 days a Week and 24 hours a day.

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